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HP-UX Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM)


HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM) is a soft partitioning and virtualization technology, within the
HP Virtual Server Environment, which enables you to create multiple virtual servers or machines with shared resourcing
within a single HP Integrity server or nPartition.
This type of virtualization technology enables you to:

  • Maximize server utilization and resource flexibility
  • Consolidate enterprise-class servers
  • Rapidly deploy new environments
  • Improve cost of ownership
  • Isolate operating environments

HP Integrity VM provides:

  • Software fault and security isolation
  • Shared processor and I/O
  • Automatic dynamic resource allocation based on demand and entitlement
  • Dynamic memory migration

Each virtual machine hosts its own “guest” operating system instance, applications, and users.
HP Integrity Virtual Machines runs on any HP Integrity server (including blades),
and supports the following guests (at this time):

  • HP-UX 11i v2 and v3
  • Windows Server 2003 (SP1 and SP2
  • RHEL AP 4.4, 4.5
  • SLES 10 SP1


1. Install HP Integrity VM

# swinstall -s /mnt/cdrom/

2. Install HP VM Manager (Plugin to System Mgmt Homepage SMH)

# swinstall -s /mnt/cdrom/vmmgr_a_03_50_07_33_hp_.depot

3. Show installed VM bundles

# swlist | grep -I 'integrity vm'

T2767AC A.03.50 Integrity VM
VMGuestLib A.03.50 Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries
VMKernelSW A.03.50 Integrity VM Kernel Software
VMMGR A. HP Integrity VM Manager
VMProvider A.03.50 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM

Create Virtual Machines

# hpvmcreate

  • -P name of the VM
  • -c number of virtual CPUs
  • -O operating system that will be installed on the guest
  • -r amount of memory for the VM
  • -a adds a device that can be accessed from the guest
  • -s sanity-check, just check VM creation, not yet create the VM

Sanity-checks the virtual machine configuration and returns warnings or errors, but does not create the virtual machine (-s)
# hpvmcreate -P vmguest01 -O hpux -c 2 -r 4096 -s
Actually create VM
# hpvmcreate -P vmberlin01 -O hpux -c 2 -r 4096
Status of the VM
# hpvmstatus
Status of VM (details)
# hpvmstatus -v -P vmguest01

Manage Virtual Machines

Start VM
# hpvmstart -P vmguest01
Connect to VM (console)
# hpvmconsole -P vmguest01
Stop VM
# hpvmstop -P vmguest01
Create virtual network switch (connected to host lan0)
# hpvmnet -c -S vsw01 -n 0
Start vSwitch
# hpvmnet -S vsw01 -b
Status of VM Network
# hpvmnet -v
Add a virtual network interface to the VM
# hpvmmodify -P vmberlin01 -a network:lan:0,0,0x020102030405:vswitch:vsw01
Add a virtual disk to the VM (use rlv_vm01 not lv_vm01)
# hpvmmodify -P vmberlin01 -a disk:scsi::lv:/dev/vg_vm/rlv_vm01
Add a virtual DVD drive to the VM (first insert CD/DVD)
# hpvmmodify -P vmberlin01 -a dvd:scsi::disk:/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0
Remove the virtual DVD drive to the VM
hpvmmodify -P vmberlin01 -d dvd:scsi::disk:/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0
Automatically start VM on system boot
# hpvmmodify -P vmberlin01 -B auto

–> VM HP-UX Installation over Ignite Server LAN Boot

Managing VM via System Management Homepage (SMH)

http://server.domain:2301 -> Tools -> Virtual Machine Manager

More Information:


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  1. Thanks A lot for sharing.Keep continuous


    Comment by khalid | November 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. You forgot to mention that 11i v3 can be an Integrity VM Host only as of the September 2008 update. Prior to that, 11i v3 could not be a IVM host (though it could be a guest).

    OpenVMS (on Itanium) is due to be a supported guest OS next year.

    Comment by ddouthitt | January 1, 2009 | Reply

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